Gerard Reve’s The Evenings and the Three Giants of Dutch Literature You Should Know

56-209328-gerard-reveGreat news from Pushkin Press – for the first time, Gerard Reve’s landmark novel, The Evenings, will be available in English! It’s a little-known story outside Europe that has been compared to classics such as On the Road and The Stranger that is already getting extremely good reviews.

Now, I want to address the first burning question that’s likely on your mind – who is Gerard Reve?

The answer is Reve is one of the “three giants” of Dutch literature in the 20th century. It’s fairly difficult to find works by any of these three extremely important authors, but I’ve provided recommendations below. I was only able to find a handful of books by them since I started looking, and until now I don’t know if any of Reve’s works were available in English. But they are all worth checking out and I’m sure I’ll have reviews of some, if not all of these, to share with you in the future.

So please check these authors out, especially if you’ve never heard of them, since I always think it’s fun to learn about not only new authors, but authors from a country whose literature you may not have any familiarity with at all (for instance, The Darkroom of Damocles is a very strange story that is both a dark, realistic account of the Nazi occupation of the Netherlands and the efforts of Resistance fighters as well as a psychological study of one man’s possible breakdown (I say possible because…well, read the book).

Reviews of The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls and a short story by Jorge Luis Borges, a profile of Philip Roth, suggestions for publishers to check out, and more coming soon.


All available in English

Harry Mulisch – The Assault, The Discovery of Heaven (voted the greatest Dutch novel of all time)

Willem Frederik Hermans – The Darkroom of Damocles, Beyond Sleep

Gerard Reve – The Evenings


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