My name is Matt Seidel, and welcome to Working Title Bookshop. I’m an English teacher in Bloomington, IN and like to read. But what I like even more is sharing my thoughts on books, talking to people about books, and recommending books whether I’m asked for recommendations or not.

Working Title Bookshop is a place for dynamic conversations about books from a variety of genres. You’ll find:

– Weekly reviews of fiction
– Weekly reviews of nonfiction
– Brief essays about well-known and indie authors (maybe you, if you contact me)
– And, best of all, someone willing to answer any book-related questions you have (I may even give you a book for free depending on how much I like you)

Please feel free to contact me at workingtitlebkshp@gmail.com with any thoughts or suggestions you might have anytime.

-Your Friendly Bookkeeper