Photo of Matt Seidel not to quite to scale.

Welcome to Working Title Bookshop!

My name is Matt Seidel. I’m an English teacher and writing currently living in Lawrence, KS and I like to read. But what I like even more is sharing my thoughts on books, talking to people about books, and recommending books whether I’m asked for recommendations or not.

At Working Title Bookshop, you’ll find weekly reviews of books from a variety of genres. In particular, I love to write about novels, plays, and books about history, politics, science, and philosophy. Occasionally, I’ll write essays about individual authors.

If you’re interested, you can also find much longer literary and political articles that have been published on The Millions and AlterNet, respectively.

And, of course, I’ve got a couple book recommendation lists just for you (and by you I mean the entirety of the Internet).


Please feel free to contact me at workingtitlebkshp@gmail.com with any thoughts or suggestions you might have anytime.

-Your Friendly Bookkeeper